Indications for authors

Delivery of the text

The text of the contribution that intended to be offered for publication must be delivered to the Director of the Periodical, Prof. Massimiliano Rossi ( 

Profile and contact address

The author must attach a short biographical profile with the text (with their current academic position and other information considered indispensable for the definition of their scientific identity), accompanied by their address, telephone number, valid email address and ORCID iD, if they have one.


Each article must be accompanied by a short abstract (10-15 lines) in English.


The article will then be sent to two anonymous scientific reviewers. To this end, it is necessary for the file and the text of the essay not to contain indications to enable the author to be identified.

The result of the scientific review will be communicated to the author, together with any requests for amendment.


Once the author has adjusted the text of their contribution following the reviewer’s indications and has aligned it with the periodical’s editing guidelines, the text in its definitive form must be delivered to the editor-in-chief, who will send it to the editor to be worked on.

Once the proofs of the text are ready, these will be sent to the author by email from the Editorial Coordinator.

The proofs must be returned, corrected, to the Coordinator, again in electronic form (by scanning in PDF the paper copy on which the author has inserted the corrections by hand – in a clear and legible form – or with corrections directly on the PDF file using the “Add notes” function). The corrections on the proofs must be precise and limited solely to misprints or minimal readjustments of the text. Rewritings or reworkings of paragraphs are not permitted. The proofs are normally only sent out once, and only in special cases will they be sent out more than once.