History of the Periodical

Storia della critica d’arte. Annuario della S.I.S.C.A.: brief history

The Annuario saw the light of day in 2018 from publisher Scalpendi in Milan. From this first issue, it became the official organ of the Società Italiana di Storia della Critica d’Arte (S.I.S.C.A.), whose president became its editor-in-chief and whose board members became part of the scientific committee. The periodical stands out for its methodological awareness and the quality of its contents, the regularity in its publication and its meticulous editing. A unique voice on the panorama of academic periodicals, of the various parts making up the disciplinary sector that includes the history of art criticism and art collecting, museology, the history of artistic and restoration techniques, it has obtained Band A recognition based on the parameters established for periodicals by the National Agency for the Evaluation of Research. The periodical boasts a militant vocation and broad cultural horizons, as evidenced by the extending of the scientific committee to include eminent male and female scholars from the international community, who are also able to suggest or highlight articles in languages other than Italian. The periodical is structured into the following sections: “Discussions and problems” (also including reviews), “Unpublished and revisited”, “Sources”, “Artistic literature”, “Historiography and criticism”, “Art reviews”, “Collecting, museums, institutions”, bringing together the most successful results of research in the academic sphere and the urgent reflections on topical themes with which each issue opens. It is our firm intention to make sure that the aptitude for criticism, understood in its truest and most original meaning of cultural choice, is alive and powerful. For this reason, the coexistence of contributions offered by scholars of recognised prestige alongside essays by young researchers, sometimes in their first publication, is our chosen mission.